Response to November 30th Letter

In response to the letter Nov. 30, we would like to share our perspective on immigration.

While all Nazi’s hated Jews, not all Germans felt the same way. But it seems to us that maybe as a result of feelings of guilt, the country of Germany have let all immigrants enter their country. This has meant all types of crimes have taken place by some of these immigrants, and the load it has put on their laws and economy has become a real burden. We aren’t saying immigrants should not be allowed to enter any country, but that anyone coming into another country from their homestead, MUST do so within the laws of the country they are entering.

We, and most Americans, don’t hate immigrants, we just want them to immigrate lawfully. As stated in a previous letter, we have a daughter-in-law that is an immigrant. We love her, and she is not only a part of our family, but a productive member of this community. She filled out all the paperwork and interviews that are required, she waited the proper length of time and then filed for citizenship, had more interviews and took the citizenship test and is now a legal US citizen. She says she is not a hyphenated American; she is an American that came from another country. Just like the majority of Americans, we or our ancestors came from another land. Yes, the very first settlers came here and were not vetted by anyone. Later when our country was more established, laws on immigration were enacted. We should expect all the laws of our land to be obeyed, if immigration laws aren’t followed how can we expect any of our other laws will be respected?

As to the people on the caravans, and others coming across our borders, they, too, must obey our laws of immigration and do it properly. They must qualify like all the others who’ve come in the last 100 plus years. Most of our ancestors came through Ellis Island; not all who came were allowed to stay, even back then. It is foolish to think we can take everyone who wants to come into our borders, before they are vetted. Some of them wanting to enter, are definitely coming here for a better life for their families, but some have far different intentions, and some have diseases that we can’t afford our citizens being exposed to. Our country has the right to expect its borders to be protected. Yes, there is the Geneva Convention, which we are signatory to and we must help the true asylum seekers. This must be done in a responsible legal fashion. Throwing rocks and rushing the border isn’t following the law.

Years ago when we were in high school, there were immigrants from Hungary seeking asylum here. Different people and organizations sponsored these immigrants, guaranteeing that they would be responsible for them. Then again in the 1960s, there were refugees from Cuba. Again in the 1970s, we had the same type of occurence with people from Vietnam. These people were truly in need of asylum and were sponsored so they were sure to have the help they needed until they got on their feet. None of them tried to cross our borders illegally. Are the people advocating for the non-citizens on our southern border willing to sponsor any of these people, the way it was done in the past, so they will not be a burden to the country either socially or economically?

We have celebrities and others today who are advocating for non-citizens, but we don’t see them stepping up to sponsor them and they turn a blind eye to the ever-increasing number of homeless in our own country who need to be taken care of. These people seem to us to be the ones who usually advocate for abortion and assisted euthanasia, or they endorse the officials who support these views. But what about the lack of concern for our own citizens, of all ages?

You can be a true Christian and law abiding citizen in these troubled times. Matthew 22:21, Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”


Fred and Kay Zirger,