Are drinkers responsible?

It is with great interest that I have been following Tiffins’ venture into drinking on the streets. The Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area discussions have seemed to assume it will require responsible consumption for it to work. As stated in the Tuesday A-T, one of our city council members reiterated that idea. As many Tiffinites like to call our community the Education Community, it is also with great interest it has been brought to our attention in that same newspaper edition that one of our education leaders has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence. Remember that another of our education leaders was charged with the same offense after they were offered their position, but prior to holding that position. I am not trying to be critical of anyone, I am just wondering why Tiffin leaders think another drinking option will be the part of the salvation of our downtown, when people in very highly regarded positions have proven that responsible drinking goes right out the door with apparent over consumption. What about other community members being able to walk the downtown streets with an alcoholic beverage in hand and hopping in their vehicle and heading somewhere else?

Joe Robenalt, Tiffin