Opiate Task Force opposes Issue 1

The Seneca County Opiate Task Force firmly opposes the proposed Ohio Issue 1, the Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Amendment on the November’s ballot. This constitutional amendment absolutely would make Ohio an attraction hub for drug dealers, diminish the effective treatment efforts in the local courts, overcrowd the local municipal court with misdemeanor cases and put the ones who break the law ahead of the rehabilitation and well-being of innocent victims or drug addicted individuals.

This constitutional amendment would mandate that criminal offenses of obtaining, possessing, or using any drug such as fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, etc., be classified only as a misdemeanor. This constitutional amendment would prohibit jail time as a sentence for obtaining, possessing or using such drugs until an individual’s third offense within 24 months.

The Seneca County Opiate Task Force has worked tirelessly over the last three years towards creating a safe, drug-free community, while helping the people struggling with drug addiction and prosecuting the drug traffickers. Our courts, probation officers, treatment providers and other local agencies understand that often having jail or prison time as an option “helps” an individual seek and remain in treatment. Our goal is to save lives and help every drug addicted individual recover and be a productive citizen of our community. We firmly oppose Issue 1!

Seneca County

Opiate Task Force