Rachel Crooks will work for the people

A reform movement is growing in Ohio, and American Promise is leading the way toward a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution to get unlimited and hidden money out of politics. American Promise is a citizen-led effort to overturn the 2010 Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations and wealthy individuals to spend unlimited amounts of money to control our political campaigns and buy our politicians.

Rachel Crooks, our Democratic candidate for the District 88 seat on the House of Representatives, is very clear on her views regarding corporate dark money in our political campaigns. Crooks signed the American Promise 28th Amendment candidate pledge. She stated, “I want to hold myself accountable to the people, not corporate interests and wealthy donors. I am extremely proud to have individuals chipping in from all over the country to support the grassroots effort of my campaign, and I look forward to the opportunity on behalf of the many, rather than the few.”

Crooks’ campaign has average campaign donations of $39 from approximately 2,000 individual donors, while her opponent, Bill Reineke, has received donations on average of $1,276, mostly from corporate PAC’s and wealthy individuals. He received more than $18,000 this year from the Ohio Auto Dealers’s Association.

Take a look at Crooks and her campaign. She also advocates for economic opportunity, education, voting rights, social justice and gender equity. A vote for Crooks is a vote for the people and our communities, not rich and powerful corporations. And if you want to get involved in this grassroots effort, follow the local American Promise Port Clinton group on Facebook. But most of all, be sure to vote Nov. 6.


Stacy Adams, Fremont,

and Ellen Greene Bush, Port Clinton