Money for schools (again)

As I now drive around the county, I am beginning to see these blue signs saying “Yes” in the shape of a windmill. On the flip side of these signs, it says, “Money for Schools.” Well, I’m old enough to remember when State Sen. Ron Mottl and Gov. John Gilligan, both Democrats, sold us all on the fact that the Ohio Lottery would absolutely solve our public school finance problems in 1973. This sounds like deja vu all over again. I ate that garbage once and it didn’t digest well. I will not eat that garbage again. Please, all of you Democrats out there, please explain to us all how windmills are going to make our schools better? Let’s all be honest with each other and stop the hypocrisy. I know of no one who doesn’t want what’s best for our children and grandchildren. Stop prostituting them to try to get what you think is best. Let’s see the facts. Thank you.


Jim Cline, Tiffin