Well, here we go again

How are we so blind, ignorant, calloused, cold, without emotion, totally without morals and ethics that a person “gets probation” for taking a dead butterfly from a botanical garden, yet 3,000-plus times a day, a “doctor” takes the life of a baby from its mothers’ womb and it’s legal?

I’m referring to the article in the June 23 edition of The A-T on page 5A: “Woman who took dead butterfly gets probation.” This “atrocity” happened in a Cincinnati botanical garden. According to the article, the woman not only was arrested and sentenced to 6 months probation, but has been banned for the rest of her life from this conservatory and has to take a “critical thinking class!”

In my opinion, it does not take any “critical thinking” to know a baby is alive, with a beating heart and able to feel pain, as it is developing in what should be a “safe haven” inside its mother’s womb.

Who can “justify” that ripping a child apart inside it’s mother’s womb is not a crime, yet taking a dead butterfly from a conservatory is? How have we grown so blind and cold-hearted that this is even possible, that this is even something that we are discussing, that this can truly be happening?

Why does taking one single dead butterfly get media attention, yet taking over 3,000 little human lives every single day gets not one mention, is totally ignored?

A butterfly often is seen as a “sign of new life” … too bad over 3,000 of them are not “released” each day to fill the skies as a sign of what “could have been, should’ve been, would’ve been” for if all these little lives were allowed to grow and develop, be born and be given the chance to develop their God given talents; then we’d have that many more people using “critical thinking” on how to cure diseases, working toward world peace, providing helps to others and voting in candidates who would support life at every stage so that the killings of babies in their mothers’ wombs would not be allowed, that a mother’s womb would return to being a safe haven for the 9 months it takes to create the beautiful little life that every baby is, and that every single person would be respected throughout all stages of life.

Ginny Bursa,