Turn toward God

Former President Barack Obama said, “America is no longer a Christian nation.”

Let us show him that our Founding Fathers came to this country to have freedom to worship as they choose, mostly Christians.

Sorry to say, our churches have few members attending. Age group 65 and older, only 65 percent; 45 to 64, only 35 percent; ages 25-44, only 15 percent; and 24 and younger, only 4 percent. Sorry to say, some of my own grandchildren are in the 4 percent.

We let 14 percent of the population make the rule: take God out of our schools. Well, see the results — people mentally upset kill our children, our next generation.

Parents can’t correct their children, neither can the teachers and others in charge. The children smoke, drink and do drugs. No laws enforced to stop it. Bullying children their afraid to come to an adult — they think either guns or suicide is their only option.

Gone are the days when sports were fun, and in our own area — not three hours to a game, two hours of the game and three more hours to get back home.

Practice on Sunday afternoon or a game. Punished if you missed practice because you went to church.

Once upon a time on Sundays, stores were closed so employees could be with families and go to church. See how our values have changed? Little by little, we lose the framework of the family.

And how many even get married anymore? Just have children that they don’t want or take care of. They get financial help from welfare.

Stores open 24 hours a day. No time for family or church. Weekends should be a time to relax and do things with the family. Each family member has their own thing going in all directions. Not good?

Education is no longer as important as sports. So in sports, after an injury, what do they have to fall back on? They get huge salaries, but don’t know how to spend or save it. Millions of dollars, but are any of they really worth that much money?

You ask where God was at Columbine and the other shootings? Well, we the people said, “Don’t pray or say God or have a Bible in schools.” God didn’t stop you, and see where it lead!

Taking down crosses and the Ten Commandments in our cities. Removing it (In God We Trust) from our money. See the downward slope of the U.S.? The original laws. Obey them and there would be no shootings, wars, etc. Peace — we all want it. Ordering statues of Robert E. Lee taken down. Stupid — that is part of our history and don’t try to change the history books. The Holocaust did happen.

Pray for peace and love thy neighbor. It begins with each one of us.

Virginia Rochester,