Pray for ministries

It was an interesting letter written by Michael Canton in The Advertiser-Tribune June 3 concerning the corruption in the Catholic church.

I joined the Catholic church in the spring of 1949 for one rason, love for the man I was to marry in June 1949.

I learned to know Jesus Christ as my personal savior at a young age. I accomplished this by reading my little Bible and going to Sunday school at the little country church a mile north of our farm. What else did I need? I wanted to be at peace with his parents. I had peace with my parents. Mine could see the good character in the man I chose to marry.

My husband and I had our own thoughts. I vowed we would never argue over religion. He never raised his voice over anything. Religion was never discussed. No marriage is perfect, but I must say our marriage and home life for our children couldn’t have been better.

Here are my thoughts: God is in control. We all can hide something so long and the truth finally comes out. We see it every day in human relationships, marriages, businesses, organizations and even churches. It is called sin. We pay the price. Wealth and power can do more harm than good. I am not one to judge or solve the problem. We need faithful ministries to preach the word, save souls, help guide our youth, visit the sick and comfort the dying.

I thank Father Joe, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, for his visits with my husband in our home five years ago this month. It was a real comfort to him in his final days. I know my husband is in heaven. I also thank Father Joe for his continued visits to me as well.

Let’s pray for ministries of all faiths as they spread the word our world so desperately needs.

Ruth Hoepf,