More energy from fields

In 2016, Ohio sent President Donald Trump to Washington to fight for us and the agricultural economy. Across the country, income for farming families has fallen over 50 percent in the last five years. We need the administration to deliver on its promises to restore the might of U.S. agriculture.

Thankfully, during a recent meeting in the White House, the president endorsed plans to open the taps on homegrown biofuels such as ethanol, made from U.S. crops such as corn. His plan calls for lifting unnecessary U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sales restrictions on E15, a popular fuel containing 15 percent ethanol. This environmentally friendly, less costly fuel blend is not available to consumers during the summertime, when gas prices are at their worst.

Lifting the outdated restrictions will not only help farmers by creating more demand for crops, but it also will offer an additional option to drivers concerned about the strain on their travel budgets. Here in northwest Ohio, we have thousands of farmers delivering corn to our local ethanol plants.

At the president’s direction, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is working with the EPA on a fix. We need him to fight hard for the interests of farmers and let E15 flow through America unimpeded.

Michael Scherger,

Kansas, Ohio