Here you go, kids

Here’s what we leave you kids

It might not seem so fair

We’ve made decisions good for U.S.?

Dirty rivers, streams and air

We had a chance to make it right

For you, kids, we gave no thought

We had a chance to clean it up

Instead, yard signs we bought

We did our best to fight clean air

It’s just too bad for you

We had big meetings, put up our signs

Our “leaders” helped us, too

No windmills for us is what we said

Let’s keep this air so bad

We could have made a difference here

But kids, don’t be so sad

Our choices give you shorter lives

Polluted lungs, respiratory disease

It’s too bad, kids, no thought for you

We do just as we please

We didn’t want to look at windmills

We chose pollution instead

Our choices give you sickness

And many more days in bed

So, kids, live with our choices

No chance for you, you see

We vote for dirty coal-fired plants

Gas power, nuclear, all three

We could have made a difference here

We could have helped a lot

We don’t like to look at windmills

Disease is what you got

We made our stand, kids

Right here with all our friends

We never gave a thought for you

Sorry, this is how it ends

Here you go kids, we chose bad air

Because we didn’t like the towers

The noxious smells that fill the skies

Just pretend it’s really flowers

Stephen Lupton,