Build the wind farm

Yesterday, my mother and I were discussing the wind turbines and she said, “Turbines turning out in the fields, quietly making electricity for 25-30 years, what could be wrong with that?”

If you read the Commentary page in The Advertiser-Tribune June 19, page 6A, you know it has been 30 years since we were informed about global warming. Our electric usage continues and everyone wants electricity when they flip the switch. These turbines are a green and clean way to make that happen. Electricity with no fossil fuels burning and no carbon output.

What about the 20-30 full time jobs that will be created, or the work at the factories in Ohio that make the parts? That is good for Ohio and all of us. Maybe a job for your child or grandchild? What about the financial boost to the farmers? They have spent their lives caring for their land and hoping to be able to assure their children will be able to continue working the farm. This will help them. What about the taxes paid to our schools and communities? That has to be good for all of us. What if another company or business wants to come to our area? What if they think Seneca County is not very open to anything new and they choose a different place to spend their money and locate their jobs?

That sounds like a lot to give up because a few people don’t like the way the turbines look. That’s what it comes down to because, no, they will not interfere with Life Flight, yes, they are recyclable at the end for their lifetime. The bats have all been counted and the turbines will not disturb them. No, they don’t throw ice or ice balls. So once you get past all the misinformation, what is left is some people don’t want to change or move forward. What if our ancestors felt that way? Where would we be now?

Build the wind farm!

Donna Hudacek,