With the wind

No one living here in Seneca County has a guarantee there couldn’t be a hog or cattle barn, pipeline, new road, city dump, junk yard, airport, windmills, etc., built near them. People need to do what’s best for our schools, county and state, not complain because they don’t want to look at windmills. It’s been checked out at other places that have them and they are prospering.

If we don’t get windmills, someone else will. Our chance will be gone. We like to see the blades spin. Every spin makes clean energy for homes and factories.

God gave us the wind. Let’s use it.

A chance to make money, not spend. It will keep taxes down, make clean energy, more jobs and make a beautiful, unique countryside. We need progress. Doing nothing, gets you nothing.

Many people are misinformed and afraid. Please don’t let these people take our chance away. Our county commissioners got it right.

I’m in the windmill zone and hope to have windmills all around me.

Katherine Meyers,