Too close for comfort

How many of you who are in favor of the wind turbines are slated to be living close to one? And by close, I am talking within a quarter mile, or even less, because that is what is being proposed for many people living in this area.

There are people from all over the world complaining about these things being placed too close to their homes. Do you really think they are all lying? Why would our elected officials decide they can safely and reasonably be placed any closer?

Just because “some” people do not suffer from living near them doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. There are loads of documented health effects. How fair is it to subject us to the potential for sleepless nights, vertigo, migraines and many other complaints? It is well documented that industrial wind turbines produce infrasound emissions and that these emissions can be detrimental to human health. (Do you recall the sonic attack on U.S. diplomats in Cuba?)

If any committee allows these setbacks any closer than the manufacturer recommends, I would hope the weight on their consciences would not allow them to sleep, either. Based on the massive amount of information that we have read, further away equals fewer issues. One mile from homes should be the minimum.

How dare those in a public-serving position force these next to the homes we have all worked so hard for, for so many years! Some people will be forced to move, possibly at a significant loss to their property value. Of course the leaseholders, who may choose to put them further from their own homes, would be in favor!

It’s sad that many of us “commoners” sacrificed months researching these issues, uncompensated, while continuing to work and keep up our homes, because those in authority failed to do due diligence before signing on – or they just don’t really care about anything except the money. Some things are worth fighting for!

How about the potential to alter our well water that we rely on? Who will fix that mess and how long will that take to be resolved?

Please research this in full to form your own opinion. Remember that the big wind companies show you only their ridiculously flawed studies for a reason. There are plenty of studies demonstrating just the opposite!

Resources: The book “Paradise Destroyed” by Gregg Hubner;

Karen Kelbley,

rural Bellevue