Seneca County history project

The intent in writing this letter is to announce to the public a project I have undertaken involving the history of Seneca County. Just over one year ago, a proposal I made before the Seneca County commissioners was accepted and funded by money received by the county from the Rover pipeline settlement.

I presented my thoughts as a representative of the Tiffin Glass Collectors Club and Tiffin Glass Museum. Included in the proposal was to use some of the funds for the benefit of all historical groups and museums in the county by videotaping a short program with narration of each of the museums and of other points of historical interest, for future use on social media by schools and other organizations looking for programs.

I am to produce 20 such tapes with a recommended running time of 12 minutes each. That short of a time will provide an overview of the location with information on where it’s located, hours of operation and sponsoring organization. It is meant to spur interest for people to visit and learn about our local history and not to provide a guided tour.

The other part of the project involves locating points of historical interest throughout the county to establish auto and bicycle tours. They will be platted on a map with GPS coordinates as well as road locations.

I have asked the historical societies I have visited to speak to their membership for information about local points of interest that can be marked and identified on the tour maps. In addition, I would like all of our county residents to provide the locations of points of interest they have knowledge of. There is nothing that is too small or minor that will not be considered.

As work progresses on this project more information will be given. And any other organizations or groups that want to be involved should contact me. A selection committee will be assembled one a large amount of information has been presented.

The entire project will not happen overnight and may take a few years to complete. But it is a once in a lifetime project with no cost to the citizens of Seneca County.

Paul Coffman,