Respect choice

I would like to comment on Doug Brown’s observations on saying “no” to wind turbines. My wife and I also worked in factories most of our adult lives to support our family. We support and agree with the statements made in Mr. Brown. There is no doubt turbines harvesting the wind is good for the environment, but only in the proper setting, such as isolated land solely used for the purpose of a wind farm. Not like the purposed “wind farm” for Seneca County, where they will be randomly located near individual homes.

We also support his comment made on subsidies and taxes paid. If anyone is interested about the subsidies paid, they can go to and see for themselves, it is quite an eye opener. There are words being said from both sides of this argument that will be regretted, hurtful and in some cases ruin lifelong friendships. We hate seeing what this issue is doing to the residents of our county. We respect the choice of those who support the wind project, I hope they respect our choice of saying “no” to wind turbines in Seneca County.

Jim Spotts,