Middle school student issues

As the drug problem in our beloved city worsens with adults, it also is doing so with children. As an almost senior in high school, unfortunately I have heard of teenagers making bad decisions multiple times. Although, I have never heard of the drug problem being this bad, especially in the middle schools. I have heard of more problems with the younger kids in the middle schools than I have with the older ones in high school whom you’d expect to be the ones to party and do drugs. I have two younger siblings who are in middle school and it seems as if there has been not only one, but multiple problems this year with drug usage in the students. Keep in mind, some of these kids are just coming out of elementary school. In the past couple years, these problems are seeming to get worse. From bullying, getting pregnant in middle school to drug usage, the problem seems to be getting worse. There has to be some sort of reason as to why these children are doing this to themselves. Maybe they do not understand or maybe they are acting out and they use drugs as a coping mechanism. However, there needs to be a better education on drugs and the real effects that they have on people at all of the schools. It’s saddening to see that already, there are so many young children starting to go to drugs as an alternative to all of the other things kids used to do for fun. They may think that it is all fun and games now, but what happens when this drug usage they use for so-called “fun” starts to ruin their lives as they get older? Parents and school faculty need to realize this is becoming a big problem and it will do no good to ignore it. We should all love one another and help others out, especially the ones who need it. Some of these kids who go to drugs as a safe haven are just lost and need someone to care for them. You never know what anyone is going through. Being a friend to everyone will go a long way.

Sincerely yours,

Lara Bonner, Tiffin