In favor of legal immigration

The current debate on immigration really is nothing new, it has been going on for at least 100 years, except now we are talking about illegal immigration instead. It is a real insult to the many people, including our ancestors who came here legally, with the efforts of due process, time and expense.

Cedar Point, Disney parks and other amusement parks don’t allow “line jumping” and neither should our government! All entities have rules to follow, like our own families, social organizations, religious communities, schools, factories and even the games we play. If we didn’t have rules and laws, we would have utter chaos. It is a utopian idea for our country to take in everyone who wants to come here or any other country without doing it with proper process.

To all those who want open borders, we would like to suggest they personally sponsor a family, feed them, clothe them and all around be responsible for them, until they can stand on their own, get their citizenship and assimilate into our country, obey our laws and contribute like other citizens. This process has been done before, right here in our hometown, and it works. We’ve all seen what has happened in other countries that have had the “open border policy,” and we should learn from those problems and have the proper vetting, to be as sure as we can that those things don’t happen here.

We also suggest if you want to help the people who are seeking asylum, you work to get their situations made better where they live now. We have seen this done and are familiar with this on a personal level, as we have family members actively working with a village in Africa to give them the tools and knowledge to help themselves. The reality is, these people still are living where they feel at home and are comfortable with their customs and environment, and they are proud of what they have accomplished with the helping hand they have been given. We can do these things and still be good, compassionate, Christian people.

The United States cannot and should not try to be Santa Claus and policeman to the whole world. Praying for all who struggle for freedom and a better life.

Fred and Kay Zirger,