Improve roads

My name is Kelcie Stone and I am a junior at Tiffin Columbian High School. I want to voice my concerns about the road conditions. The road conditions are terrible. For example, when I drive down West Perry Street, there are potholes all the way down the road. The streets are cracked and when you drive over them, they are rough on the car.

Another example could be the huge pothole in the Big Lots parking lot. It can be liable to the city by causing damage to the victim’s car. The city should fill that in with the money they are receiving with the new tax that has been passed that goes toward the city’s development.

Another example would be River Road. The road is breaking and when the weather is cold and snowing, the road is left icy. The roads being icy is a driving hazard. Also, the roads are not lit well, meaning drivers have to rely on only their headlights, which could also be a driving hazard.

Some solutions on how we can fix the roads and provide proper lighting could be to use the taxes for city development to fill in the potholes and repave the smaller roads. Also, to put in proper street lamps in to the city.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this letter.


Kelcie Stone, Tiffin