Against wind project

I am writing in opposition to the industrial wind project and, no, it is not in my backyard and I will not be personally affected. I do believe in property rights, but not when it can detrimentally affect neighbors even up to 5-10 miles away with lower property values. I was told by a commissioner that it actually raises property values. The only raised property value is the land that has been leased for these gigantic industrial machines. Everyone else loses. Where are their property rights?

I have attended two of these anti-wind meetings and I am highly impressed with the knowledge and factual information given in opposition.

If it were not for the federal subsidies (that come from our tax dollars) this would not be an issue. This money is not being well spent in northwest Ohio. It costs three times as much to produce the electricity here as it would in more appropriate and less populated areas. Is that a good use of our tax dollars? It’s all about the money. I would hope that our congressmen in Washington could see how this money, in northwest Ohio, is not being spent wisely. With now six different entities vying for the federal money, and the number of industrial machines they want to put in northwest Ohio, everyone will be affected, in one way or another. Aren’t we considered a rural agricultural, not industrial, area?

Nancy Bailey,