A different perspective

I have read all the letters to the editor about wind turbines. There are some other opinions and I want to share mine.

My husband and I have been excited about wind energy since we toured the 5,000 turbine wind farm near Palm Springs, California. Granted, these were smaller than the proposed ones, but we learned a lot on the tour. Since that experience, we have been on three more wind farms. We stood under running turbines and looked inside the towers. There was negligible noise. Anyone who lives near a railroad track is subject to more noise than we heard.

My husband and I both like the looks of the turbines; sleek and magnificent. They look like progress.

I think we can all agree we want our electricity on all the time. The demand is growing.

The big picture is we need more than a couple sources of energy.

The fracking industry is giving us gas to use in power plants. A number of the coal plants have been replaced by gas-fired plants. What if fracking is slowed or discontinued? The cost of operating would greatly increase, and thus, your electric bills.

We were on the West Coast to see family on the same trip to Palm Springs; we toured Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state. Hydroelectric energy, yeah, sounds clean, right? But I was surprised when we were told the majority of the electricity generated there goes to Southern California. All those transmission lines and towers; building and maintaining. So hydroelectric is not completely clean and green.

North Central Electric Cooperative has a solar panel yard and I joined that project because we need to leave the lowest carbon footprint that we can. Have you all joined?

I have heard some people are blaming farmers for signing with Apex Wind. That dismays me, as we are best friends working to grow crops for everyone. We work hard to pay bills, like everyone else.

Don and I signed with Nordex Power, the company before Apex. We signed for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. We believe wind generation is a good, cleaner source of electricity.

I am wishing God may bless us all.

As my dear mother would say, “food for thought.”

Suzanna Hopple,