Voice opinion on wind turbines

My husband and I live in Bloom Township. Our rural community is made up of wonderful people who cherish being outdoors. We are not living here by chance, we are living here by choice.

We all take great pride in our homes in Seneca County. We take pride in our yards, gardens, ponds, woods and businesses. We walk, ride bikes, hike, bird-watch, deer-watch, play yard games and host social events. We cherish the peace and quiet and enjoy the distant sounds of cows mooing, dogs barking and even trains can be heard at over 4 miles away.

This is the peaceful life we have grown to love in the 30 years we have lived here.

Many of us feel the proposed wind turbine project will indeed affect our quality of life. As residents of Seneca County we feel as if we are entitled to continue with the quality of life we are accustomed to. No one should be able to single-handedly take that right away.

Unfortunately at this time, that way of life for us is being threatened. John and I will be living in the middle of a nightmare with 18 590-foot-tall turbines within a 2-mile radius of our home. Imagine being a prisoner in your own home. Shadow flicker, noise levels, flying ice, unsightly landscapes, birds and bats being killed and decreased property values are very real. (Posted 2/10/18 The Courier)

With the addition of Lady Justice, the Seneca County justice center in Tiffin is 135 feet, 3 inches tall from ground level to the top of Lady Justice’s head. These turbines are over four times that height!

We are extremely concerned about our right to medical care by Life Flight. We do not want the risk of a timely transport to a medical facility affect the outcome of an emergency situation for anyone in the footprint of these monsters. The proposed projects are to erect 120-plus turbines.

Please take the time to reach out to the Seneca County commissioners, the Ohio Siting Board and Mr. William Reineke at the state level, District 88, to voice your opposition of these projects. Also join us at the next Seneca Anti-Wind Union meeting at 7 p.m. May 31 at the Attica Fairgrounds Entertainment Hall for more information.

John and Terri Hampshire,