Lets talk

People who insist that it’s reality to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel or who cite ancient history when “proving” the city’s former status or who try to go with literal passages from the Hebrew Scriptures must also recognize the fact that we too then must give this land we live on back to the First Nations. Furthermore in terms of the Scriptures, do we not believe that Jesus came to help all people be in unity with each other? “Love one another.” The Hebrew writers did recognize the Jewish people as specially called for that time, but then Jesus came along and said: “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” In plain language: We are all equal in our human rights. There are no preferences with God! There is no discrimination with God! After all, if we are Christians, we do follow the New Testament, do we not?

I have often thought while critiquing our president and Israel’s Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu’s words that they are motivated either by fear or control or power and greed. If both of them say a certain line often enough — even though their statements totally disagree with what’s happening on the ground — they have a lot of us believing it if we are not people who carefully analyze what they say.

Likewise, how is it possible that our president and our Congresspeople including Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, Representatives Jim Jordan and Bob Latta, are saying nothing about the thousands of non-armed Gazans who are being injured in the weekly or daily protests along the tight Gazan border? Why is it so right — if we insist we are a people of morals and faith — to defend Israel’s “security” while at the same time calling Palestinian deaths “collateral” or “unfortunate?

Is it not the reality that a people with no defenses except stones and homemade weapons also have official international approval to defend their lands, their people from invading powers that continue to oppress them with total control of their lives?

Frankly, I’d like to have some honest face-to-face conversation — dialogue — with people who stand exclusively for Israel. Is that possible? Will you step forward? I know there are ways forward toward peace for both peoples without denying either one their basic rights.

Sr. Paulette Schroeder

(567) 230-0220