Endorses academy

I recently had the privilege of graduating from the Tiffin Citizen Academy. The class, which runs approximately 11 weeks, shows ordinary citizens such as myself various aspects of police operations not generally known to the public.

The topics of discussion that we covered over the 11 weeks were: interviewing and interrogation, OVI detection and processing, specialized units — Strategic Response Team/Crisis Negotiation Team, specialized units/K9, crime scene processing, drug identification, less-lethal weapons and the use of force continuum, patrol and communications observations, firearms, criminal prosecution, and criminal law and the courts.

Speakers included Sgt. Jared Watson, Sgt. Jacob A. DeMonte, Special Agent David G. Horn, Detective Chuck W. Boyer, Sgt. Bryan R. Bryant, Prosecutor Charles Hall, dispatchers of the Tiffin Police Department and, of course, the illustrious Judge Mark E. Repp himself.

Having a “behind the scenes” view of our police department and its operations was totally fascinating and eye opening for me, as we truly don’t realize just what all is involved. I thoroughly enjoyed the academy classes and the speakers very much and would highly recommend the Tiffin Citizen Police Academy to anyone who would like to get a more in-depth experience into learning the details of our Tiffin Police Department and the legal system and how they operate.

However … I’d advise anyone who is even thinking about volunteering to be tazed for a demonstration … don’t! Thanks, Sgt. Jared Watson, for being so gentle with me. Not! The pain was horrific and I was totally paralyzed. Crime doesn’t pay, folks!

I’d like to extend a special thank you to the Tiffin Police Department for keeping our community safe and for laying their lives on the line each and every day! Being a police officer can be a pretty thankless job at times, so when you see a member of our law enforcement, please thank them and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do.

Todd Sarka,