Where is the love?

Where is the love?

On this special day of love, I felt compelled to write to speak out for the more than 58 million babies who will not be celebrating this special “love” day!

Valentine’s Day is often portrayed by heart, and of course rightly so, because no one can be alive without a heart and no one can love if they are heartless, so this special day brings to my mind the tragic numbers of abortion in our world.

Please truly stop and read these unbelievable numbers that abortion has caused:

Abortions in the United States:

2011 — 730,322.

2012 — 699,202.

2013 — 664,435.

2014 — 652,639.

With 2014 being the last year statistics have been released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Planned Parenthood killed 323,999 babies in 2014 alone!

It is estimated that more than 58 million babies have had their little hearts stopped through abortion since the Jan. 22, 1973, Roe v Wade decision.

American Life League stats show that there are at least 120 abortions per hour, which is one abortion every 30 seconds!

The World Health Organization estimates there have been 40 million-50 million abortions every year worldwide, which is approximately 125,000 abortions daily worldwide! WHO also estimated more than 3,000 abortions daily in the United States alone!

Nearly 1 in 4 women in the U.S. will have had an abortion by age 45 per the Guttmacher Institute Researchers, with 59 percent of them already being mothers.

We’re living in a calloused, cold, heartless world! Killings go on daily in school shootings, drive-by shootings, mass shootings such as those in Las Vegas, suicide bombings, assisted euthanasia and on and on. Most of these incidents make front-page news, “special editions” on news channels and the like … and although each one of these is horrific in and of itself, which one of these tragedies has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 daily?

Our very own children are being killed in alarming numbers, why do they not count? If 3,000 children were killed from a school shooting, people would demand answers and fight for the protection of these children, or if 3,000 animals were poached on any given day, an uprising would begin. So why, then, are 3,000 of our unborn brothers and sisters killed without a care, without a bat of the eye, without a mention? Why have we become so cold-hearted that taking a human life is so disregarded?

The only thing separating these unborn children from those already born is the birthing process, so why is it so difficult to believe or comprehend that they’re already children with a beating heart, they’re already “here,” just “invisible” as they are tucked lovingly under their mothers’ beating hearts?

On this Valentine’s Day, please stop and think how there are more than 58 million fewer hearts here on earth to be loved, to make little construction paper hearts for their mommies and daddies and to wrap their little arms around their family members to place a sticky kiss on their cheeks — for isn’t this the memory we should have of this special day of love? To even try to imagine more than 58 million hearts stolen from all of us in unimaginable and unforgivable!

A billboard message reads: “Abortion … One heart stops another heart breaks.” Oh, how very true!

Please look at these numbers and statistics over and over and may you please open your own heart and mind, eyes and soul to the tragedy that this holocaust of abortion has caused on our very own, and may we become a nation/world again where every single little beating heart is allowed to live, to grow, to be!

Ginny Bursa,