Reply in rebuttal

In reply to a recent letter in The Advertiser-Tribune concerning President Donald Trump, mainly because I am sick and tired of the liberal Democrats, and sorry Republicans acting like morons in trying to impeach the president:

Bankruptcies are a way of life in the business world. The bankruptcies are business and not personal. One in mind is the bankruptcy of the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic city. Trump kept the casino operating at a deficit for workers to find other employment. In fact, six casinos filed for bankruptcy that year due to a drop in vacationers, economic downturn and a strike by union workers

I wouldn’t call the country foundering. Due to the overhaul of the tax code, individuals will receive more in their paychecks, companies are returning to the U.S. and giving bonuses to their employees, the stock market is climbing by leaps and bounds. I wouldn’t call that foundering.

Trump has accomplished more in one year than President Barack Obama did in eight. Obama was out to destroy the country he lived in. With the help of U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid’s socialist party, he allowed the Middle East to fester; ISIS was out of control, but that was just a JV team. Iran laughed at how stupid we were in the nuclear agreement, and on and on. The military was cut to the bone and is still trying to recover.

By the way, the Greek government is in trouble because of lavish spending and retirement programs. Lavish spending in this country is the purview of the Democrats.

Trump was elected fair and square, even overcoming the Democrats’ shady workings. If you don’t like it, shut up, put your big boy pants on and vote him out next election. That’s how we do things here in America. In conclusion, I have asked anti-Trump people to give me one valid reason Trump should be removed from office. I’m still waiting.

Ronald Williams,