Living a legacy

Years ago, I heard it said, “Everyone needs a hobby.” A hobby? I had a husband, three growing boys, a herd of dairy cattle to care for, the land, household duties. My life was full. I was joyful. I had learned to crochet.

I did enjoy sitting a few minutes a day reading a farm article, an interesting editorial, a minister’s column, something uplifting.

I began clipping these types of articles and pasting them in a scrapbook. So far, I have 14 scrapbooks. I enjoy reading and re-reading them along with all the inspirational books I’ve collected over the years.

I’ve labeled my scrapbooks. The first one goes to my oldest grandchild and on down the line even to my great-grandchildren. The older ones will get two. I don’t know if they will read them. If they do, they will learn more of my interests, my beliefs, my faith — a legacy, if you will.

Ruth Hoepf, Tiffin