Exceptional service

A few days ago, my wife and I found ourselves in a situation. We had purchased a light fixture at one of those big-box stores. It didn’t suit our situation because it had a metal shade that didn’t provide enough light and we could not take it back because I had altered it. My wife said maybe we could sell it. And, the end result would have been we would have lost a substantial amount of money, been back to square one and still need a light fixture. So, I decided to try Burns Electric, a local, family-owned store here in Tiffin. I took the metal shade and was greeted right away with a genuine “Hi, how can I help you?” The person who waited on me said sure, we can find something for you. She looked in a catalog and found one. Then, I noticed two display lights. They let me take the shades home to try to see if they fit. One was perfect. They ended up selling me the display model, so I didn’t have to wait two weeks, at half of what I thought I would have to pay. The manager was very gracious and kind, which you never get from a big-box store. Thank you, Burns Electric.

Mark Nusbaum,