World has gone to hell

When our life ends, we have his concept that we will either go to heaven or hell. I feel this is wrong, because it sure feels like hell to me with the current situations happening in our county and the rest of the world. I am not a believer that our creator is coming back to cleanse this world of the crime, hate, bigotry, racism, war and killings. I think the creator is allowing us to take care it amongst ourselves.

I have come to the conclusion if we had a loving creator, it would ensure the offspring would be living in a better place than we are at now. Presently, we are dealing with situations of people committing inappropriate behavior to men, women and children sexually. Our county is being run by a madman who thinks only about his reputation and who believes the people of the United States love him. He knows he has the power to destroy this country and the rest of the world with our nuclear arsenal.

Every day, we watch the news and we are exposed to shootings, wars, murders, sex crimes and more, and it’s an endless war. As for the gun issue, nothing is being done about it because of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives that right to bear arms. Today, the people who own guns feel we are infringing their right to bear arms but, we are not. The gun owners need to understand you don’t need an arsenal to protect your family from an intruder.

We have corruption in our local, state and federal governments which is getting out of hand! The people of the United States choose our leaders from each respected political parties with the understanding they represent the people, but they refuse to listen to us. Look at our present situation of the childish President Donald Trump, who cannot run a country and acts as a bully in the White House sandbox.

I can go on with more faults of this world of hell, and they will continue to escalate as time comes closer to our end of life or the possible World War III. I say to devoted Bible-thumping people, you need to wake up because your god is not here to help us out in the world of Lucifer’s world. Wake up and smell the coffee and let’s try to love one another!

Paul Pospisil,