What is going on?

Think about this. Our great nation was founded on belief in an almighty, all-knowing God. Through that foundation came our laws and our blessings. Our laws were written to maintain civility, govern through respect for all life, liberty and opportunity. And through these principles, our nation has welcomed those from abroad who come here to assimilate and support our American values, culture and laws.

This nation has survived more than 200 years because of the citizens who accept their responsibility to be civil, assimilate to this culture, obey the laws and practice a faith in God. It has provided opportunities for individuals to be creative, innovative, supportive and successful in building businesses and providing employment.

Then came the ’60s.

In the later ’60s, a section of those citizens began to complain and protest that our religious foundation that guided our morality was too oppressive. This was a chink out of the foundation. Then they went after the legal principles and demanded ways to by-pass our justice system. Now comes an attack on our cultural beliefs from people with power and money, restricting free speech through violent protests, protesting the electoral results of the people and refusing to enforce the processes of assimilation and citizenship. Much of this is being done through our elected officials and appointed judges, who are blatantly defying our laws.

It feels like a war has begun. It is a war against America’s culture, beliefs, history, laws and foundation. The first shot was fired through language, or political correctness. “He who controls the language controls the minds; he who controls minds controls everything else.” “Everything else” is educational institutions, news media, entertainment, political parties, corporations and courts. They all are in agreement that our foundational principals are antiquated and need overhauled. Words enforce ideology. Truth becomes lies, and wrong is accepted as right. It is a war against ideology.

Begin to pay attention to what is being done, not what is being said. We were a nation of action, now we are a nation of emotions. Being hurt, claiming victimization because of what was said, is pathetic. We’ve all been harassed and insulted throughout our lives, and survived. It is called “life.” It makes us stronger, helps us overcome, improves our awareness so that we become wiser. Or it can make us weaker, meaner and vindictive. But the language of criticism should never have power over us.

Become a part of the solution. Speak truth. When someone attacks the principles of our nation, our faith and our way of life, stand firm and stand tall. Correct the uninformed and misinformed emotional person(s). They don’t know the real America; they know the negative-news America. They need to be enlightened about the grandness of our nation and the opportunities they have here. Unkindness cannot deny opportunity. Get busy, the burden is heavy, and the nation is under attack. Our weapon is truth, civility and all God’s power!