Thanks for help with giveaway

The Knights of Columbus Tiffin Council No. 608 and New Riegel Council No. 10749 would like to thank Catherine and John Gase from FISH for all their help, West Ohio Food Bank for two large trucks loaded with more than 20,000 pounds of food, and Tony Paulus, Kevin Maiberger and Tom Maiberger from TPC Foods Service here in Tiffin for their donation of 15,000 pounds of frozen and dry foods valued at more than $24,900 for our giveaway Nov. 11. We also would like to thank an individual from New Riegel Council No. 10749 for his monetary donations. Also, thank you to Joe Steyer from Steyer Seeds for the use of their tow motor and Ray Lopez for operating the tow motor. Thank you to all of you and may the Lord bless you abundantly. We gave away about 35,000 pounds of food to 224 families with around 800 individuals.

This is the eighth year of our food giveaway program in which we have given out more than 213,000 pounds of food, which is more than 106 tons of food.

I also personally would like to thank all the volunteers who helped set up, giveaway the food, and clean up afterwards: Jacob Gary; Steph Amlin; Vinnie Arnold; John Boehler; Dan Borer; David Bursa; Joe Coleman; Tracie Corfman; Jane and John Cummings; Steve Eichhorn; Bret Elchert; Carson Elchert; Darl Elchert; Hank and Pat Elchert; William Fruth; Jaime Gaietto; Garrett Gaietto; Gary Gaietto; Dave, Madonna, Michael, Michelle and Debra Gase; Jim, Andrea and Ryan Gase; Tony and Eric Gase; Tom, Jovita, Jesse, Jaron and Josh Gase;;John Goble; David Greene; David Gregg; Brittny Haggerman; Lucas Immele; Doug, Tim and Elizabeth Ink; Tony Kuebler; Ray Lopez; Ted Margraf; Collin and Trey Masterson; Austin Napier; Wyatt O’Connor; Tim Perkins; Dan Riemer; Fred Reimer; Alan Reinhart; Griffin and Andy Ringle; Graham Ryan; Tim Sacksteder; Delbert Schank; Duane Schank; Duane Scherley; Jerry Schlick; Amanda Schwartz; Steve and Renee Tiell; Venture Crew 444; Chris Wagner; Dana and Micah Wagner; Dan White; John Willman; and any others we may have missed. Also, thanks to Fred Reimer and his crew for distributing more than 250 coats to the needy of this area. Thanks to all who donated the coats.

It is greatly appreciated, and without all of your help, this could not have been a success. There were very long lines of people waiting and no one was turned away. We, the Knights of Columbus, are very happy that we could provide this service to our community.

Russ Gase and David Gase,