Letter to the Editor: America’s problems

Folks, America’s problems are not political: They are spiritual! What I have to say is not meant to offend anyone, but to help as many as possible see the real problem with our country.

The majority of Americans don’t want to talk about spiritual things. Everyone wants to do what they believe is right in their own sight. It’s a free country, right! Most feel there is no right or wrong anymore.

Our government, our politicians, our churches, our men of renown, our universities, our theological schools, people who believe they are righteous because of their good works, all have one thing in common; corruption, deception and false teaching abounds in them. Most have rejected God and his way of life. Let’s be honest with ourselves; you know in your heart what I wrote is true.

Do you recall what happened to the nation of Israel? When Israel obeyed God, things went well for her, but when they disobeyed and rejected God, what happened? God allowed her enemies to defeat the Israelites and sent them into captivity for 40 years. This happened time and time again; they never did learn!

As a nation, we could have the fiercest army, the most sophisticated weaponry, walls to protect our borders, but because the majority have rejected God, America is becoming weak, and vulnerable, having all kinds of problems.

Friends, America is a sin-sick country! The GOP slogan from the last election was “Make America Great Again.” Folks, there will be no more greatness for America unless we start obeying our creator and having a love for his truth, “Rightly Divided.” I know from my own experience and from studying God’s word, the Bible: Very few churches are teaching the Bible properly. Do you think God might be upset?

Why do you suppose we are having so many killings, mass shootings, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanos, earthquakes, floods and burning fires? These things have always taken place, but today all these things are taking place at the same time, with increased intensity.

If we are a Christian nation, then why is God allowing all these bad things to happen?

Maybe what we are witnessing today is a massive, God-inspired effort, trying to make humanity aware that he remains the only option to treat a materialistic culture that is filled with sin.

People have been deceived, thinking their church membership makes them right with God. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Our churches have done nothing to help heal our nation!

It’s your individual responsibility to go to Christ through prayer, admitting you are a sinner, and you would end up in the lake of fire if you died in your sins, and then, with a sincere heart, tell Christ you know he died for your sins and you are putting your complete faith in him alone for forgiveness of all your sins. If you did this, he will forgive you, accept you into his body, becoming a true Christian believer. It’s all by God’s grace with no works on your part. Christ does all the believeing.

Wake up, America! Don’t put your trust in politics or “man-made” churches. They will not save you or your country. Put your trust in Christ, because he is the true church and resides in heaven (Ephesians 1:22-23; Colossians 1:18, 24). Remember, only God can fix our country, not men!

John Sendelbach,