Vote for mental health and recovery levy

My family and I are proud to call Seneca County home. We cherish our community and feel its most valuable assets are the spirit of its residents and their willingness to help one another in times of need, whatever that may look like.

There are families in our community that struggle with mental illness and addictions. These issues know no boundaries; in fact, there are very few families that have not been impacted by these problems. Typically, people turn to family members and friends to help cope. Sometimes, people turn to their pastor or family physicians for guidance. However, there are times when more help is needed. It is then that the value of professional counseling services are realized.

The health of our community depends upon having the proper resources to help individuals and families recover their lives. Your support of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board will help ensure Seneca County has the resources to help meet the behavioral health of its citizens. This will also continue to make Seneca County a great place to live. Please vote “yes” for the Mental Health and Recovery levy!

Celinda Scherger,