Vote for Kingseed

To the voters of Clinton township:

Let me first just say our trustees, past and present, all have done a unbelievable job in keeping everything as it should be. Our road crews go above and beyond the call of duty, in snow removal, road maintenance and everything else.

To this, I might add that Dennis Kingseed is running for the open position of township trustee. I have had the opportunity to see Dennis in action as a former trustee. We had a major summer storm move through our subdivision, our road was blocked (and many houses were hit) with downed trees. It looked as though a tornado went through. Dennis had a very difficult time even getting here, many roads were blocked, but he finally succeeded. He brought his chain saw and, together with our residents, we cut trees, removed brush and debris and cleared our road. Dennis was there for three or four hours helping us, and didn’t leave until he knew the road was clear. Before he left, asked if we needed anything else. The next day, crews were here (for several days) grinding up the debris.

Dennis doesn’t take individual credit for things that a team of people work on. He is a man of his word. He understands it’s about partnering with Clinton Township residents and celebrating success. Dennis’ leadership, integrity and determined guidance makes a significant positive impact on Clinton Township … a place to call home.

Please consider voting for Dennis Kingseed for Clinton Township Trustee.

Thank you,

Mike Hahler,

Clinton Township