Oppose wind turbines

Natural beauty, peaceful, starry nights, breath-taking sunsets — all priceless and apparently not much appreciated these days, at least not by 300 landowners (some absentee) in Seneca County.

If current setback laws are relaxed allowing wind-energy companies to develop their projects in Seneca County, you can say goodbye to clear, rural skies.

People who live in agricultural areas often put up with flies from smelly animals, dust that can be so thick you can hardly see to drive through it, drift from poisonous chemicals and now the possibility of wind turbines that cause shadow flickers and noise, kill birds and deface the natural landscape.

Where are the rights of homeowners who would just like to relax outdoors, minus the sight of wind turbines? We own land and the payment we get for renting it to farmers goes nearly half to property taxes.

Now is the time to speak up to the lawmakers in Columbus if you don’t want to end up living in the middle of a “wind farm.” Speak up; your opinion matters.

Carol Burkholder,