Make a simple change

If you are fortunate enough, worked hard all your life, come from a family that takes pride in their property and had property passed down, you received a very disturbing letter from your county auditor. According to the government, your property has gone up in value. Says who? The Ohio revised Code says so. Who is the Ohio Revised Code?

Are they people hired by the state to go into a community they know nothing about? When did the state decide it has the right to tell you what your property is worth? You should like the sentence: If my property was listed for sale on the open market … what a joke! Practically nobody wants to sell their property, so the question is idiotic. It is time to do away with the legislators. The only entity that benefits from the new appraisal are the state agencies.

What a stupid idea it was to evaluate the soil in Ohio recently. There is not a single farmer who got a higher yield from the more expensive soil. Another stupid idea.

Older people living on a fixed income are forced to sell their home at a loss because they can’t pay the higher taxes. Oppressive government? You bet!

There is only one way to arrive at a fair value of every property and that is the price at the time of sale. That price is grandfathered in until the property changes hands again. Simple? Right!

If the legislators don’t want to make the change, we will change the legislators, also simple! Get in touch with your representative and your senator and ask them to introduce legislation to make this simple change. Then vote out the people who won’t vote for it.

Do it now and let them know: We are fed up with the politicians in Columbus and want a change now!

Dieter G. Schneppat,