Councilman corrects himself

I would like to apologize to the voters of the city of Tiffin for the inaccurate statement I made during the League of Women Voters candidate night Oct. 11. Your Social Security income, pension, interest, dividends and IRA or 401(k) disbursements are not taxable income in the city of Tiffin. The statement that I made was an error while discussing the proposed quarter of one precent temporary (5 years) increase that I endorse. This information can be found in Chapter 191 of the codified ordinances.

By ordinance, the increase can only be used for street repair, street paving, curbs, handicap ramps, bridges, street construction and bond reduction for new streets and bridges. There are 44 miles of paved streets within the city, many that are in need of repair. Our Durapatch equipment has provided a temporary Band-Aid for many years while our streets have continued to deteriorate. Our city has seen great transformation, growth and success in the past several years, and our residents can anticipate more in the future. Please stand with me in support of the quarter of one percent temporary tax increase for the city of Tiffin’s street maintenance program.

Steven K. Lepard,