Not a smoke-free workplace

The Aug. 14 edition of The A-T states three Ohio casinos are going to try to get permission to place slot machines in their outside smoking areas. As a taxpayer who has had many things rammed down my throat by all levels of government, I recall the smoking ban we were told was not to prohibit people from smoking, but to enable workers to be free of secondhand smoke. As a casino patron, I wonder how those outside machines will be serviced. Maintenance and housekeeping crews will have to work around that equipment. Cocktail waitresses may be forced to serve drinks to smoking patrons and, if a player would be lucky enough to hit a jackpot, some employee has always had to pay them in cash (this, I have been lucky enough to learn from personal experience). I hope some politician can explain how this will work.

I should also tell everyone that I am not a smoker and I don’t miss the secondhand smoke, but I will sign any petition by any business owners who have been adversely affected financially by the smoking ban who would ask to be treated equally to the casinos.


Joe Robenalt,