Well done

Sunday, my wife and I drove to Findlay, (Flag City, USA) to see the movie, “America: Imagine the World Without Her.” It was time and money well spent! This is an excellent movie, superbly done and one every American should see. If you have ever wondered what happened to the America you grew up in (and who hasn’t), this gives you the answers – what happened, how and why, as well as who!

You may not like all the answers, but you cannot deny the facts behind them. This is not your father’s Democratic Party!

It’s sad that it takes a 53-year-old immigrant from Mumbai, India, to successfully present these facts to us, the American people, but on the other hand, it takes someone who has lived without freedom and prosperity to recognize and fully appreciate it when they finally achieve it.

Hats off to Dinesh D’Souza for a job well done!

So stash your guilt and self-loathing and enjoy a tribute to freedom and patriotism, as well as ambition, achievement and self reliance and count your blessings all the way home.

Wake up, America!

D.F. Heimrick,