Spare waterfowl

Since I have moved to Front Street, I have been feeding the ducks and geese along the river. The other day, I went down to feed them and found a dead goose in the road and an injured goose in the grassy area near the road. That goose had two broken legs and was euthanized by Tiffin Police Department.

I and many other residents of Front Street have witnessed teenagers intentionally running over the geese. For your information, Canada geese are are protected by the federal government. Several of the residents on Front Street have witnessed trucks running over the geese.

This is a notice to you that we are watching out for you and will report you to the Tiffin PD and federal authorities. I am sure you have better things to do than kill wildlife for the fun of it. It makes me wonder how you treat other people. Believe me, I will be watching out for you, along with other concerned citizens. I am sure the federal government will deal very harshly with anyone who intentionally kills our beautiful, protected geese and ducks. Find another hobby.

Lisa A. Garcia,