Preserve use of space

An open letter to the citizens of Seneca County, the county judges and the county commissioners:

The July 16 article about the cancellation of events on the community green (old Courthouse Square) due to “security concerns” and the events “interfering with normal court operations” was disconcerting.

Although I still cannot comprehend how a group of children attending a Ritz Theatre camp are a security threat or a distraction for the courts (particularly in comparison to the demolition of the courthouse), the issue for me, personally, is a request to host a free community movie night also was declined. The movie was to take place Saturday evening. I checked the court schedule. Just as I suspected, no courts are in session on a Saturday night.

I stopped by the first movie night hosted by Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Inc. a few weeks ago, and the community members who attended that event were a courteous group that caused no distraction and posed absolutely no threat to court security.

Preventing residents from using property owned by us, the taxpayers, is not good for Tiffin or the county. The recent events on the community green have brought people together in fellowship and fun. More importantly, the World Cup event, movie night, etc., breathed life into a struggling downtown district – even if it was only for a few hours.

Now there is a “study” to be done about the feasibility of events on the community green. Perhaps the judges and commissioners think too many voters are having an enjoyable time in downtown Tiffin.

It’s rather disturbing that those elected officials who work for us would be so willing to squelch such great community events. If you agree county residents should be able to continue to use the community green, please contact any of our employees below and let them know how you feel:

Judge Steve Shuff: (419) 448-1302

Judge Michael Kelbley: (419) 447-2982

Lisa Swickard,