No such thing as a free tank of gas

In the police reports, we see gas drive-offs. Is it really free; did you really get away with it? Did you hurt anyone? You sure did.

Who pays for the gas you just drove off with that you didn’t pay for? I assure you it’s not the big gas company that owns the station. That attendant waiting on customers, who chose to be honest and pay for the gas. These employees get reprimanded and, after so many, they pay. (And on small wages.) Some pay out of their pocket to keep from being reprimanded.

Worse, some lose their job. So kind of you to put this on someone just trying to make a living so you can steak gas.

How would you like it if it were you? These attendants have bills to pay, food to buy and yes, gas, too. They have a job to serve you and you treat them by just driving away.

Maybe all gas stations need to

go to pre-pay because of a few have chosen not to pay. No matter what, it’s stealing.

So no, it’s not free. Others pay! And it’s someone who really can’t afford it.

Jane and Terry Dick,