Forgive us our cinnamon rolls, please

I’ll fight until the bitter end. So said Mrs. Obama.

Again, she’s wanting to take the place of mom and dad when it comes to telling their children what they can and cannot eat. She goes as far as to say she will “fight until the bitter end” to fight efforts by the GOP to soften her anti-obesity campaign.

Well, if Mrs. Obama and I were sitting down having a cup of coffee and, if she would ask me what I thought of her idea, I would say:

“Dear Mrs. Obama, with all due respect to your title as first lady of our White House, I have some comments to make about your desire to reduce obesity in our children. I agree that we should try to provide good nutrition for our children. But when it comes to decisions such as this, it’s up to mom and pop – the parents – and certainly not the government to control what their children eat. And besides that, it won’t work.

Because you are first lady, you just might have enough leverage to get Congress to act and make it mandatory to force the schools to do what you want. However, as soon as the kids get home, they’ll have their sweet rolls, potato chips and soft drinks.

I know there are many good reasons to get our kids healthy, but again, it’s not the government’s job. The more we take parents out of the picture and hand the control to the government, the

more we undermine the role of the parents.

And the more we undermine the role of parents, the more problems we will have in our society.”

Thomas Jefferson, composer of the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, had it right when he said, “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

Frank SanGregory,