Fast for peace

Dear friends,

The situation is now desperate. In so many ways, many of us have pleaded with Congress and the president to have the guts to speak the truth about Israeli aggression, about the “truth on the ground” and about the horror of Israel’s deception to us Americans.

No matter how many marches, demonstrations, risks for arrests people have taken throughout the world in huge numbers to beg for human compassion and justice toward the Palestinians, our people who are supposed to represent us to the world have failed in courage, in human rights, in common sense.

Therefore, in prayer, I have peacefully come to hear what I believe is a public call to fasting, to allow God’s unconditional love for each human being – you, me, Palestinian, Israeli – to come through more purely, more intensely for all who suffer this horror in Gaza. The greater love and energy of God must empty me out, all of us who choose to fast, to be better, stronger, larger receptacles for God’s grace and love to pass to the Palestinians and to all involved in the peace negotiations.

This first week of liquid-only fasting (or any form of fasting meaningful to you) is not meant to be a political statement. This week of fasting is not begging admiration or pity from anyone. It is begging for truth and justice to drive our relationships with Israel and Palestine.

Please join me, if possible, for any part of this liquid-only fast or for the whole fast beginning Sunday evening until the evening of Aug. 3.

If anyone wants support or more conversation about this effort, call Sister Paulette at (419) 447-0435 ext. 136.

Sister Paulette Schroeder,