Vets appreciate support

Another big “thank you” goes out to the management of Rural King, Joyce Valle and Jeremy Weidner, for allowing us, the United Veteran’s Council, to give away hot dogs, which you supplied at no cost to us, for our request for donations, to help supply the materials needed for our annual flag etiquette programs for all the fourth-grade students for 2013.

There were 868 students and teachers to whom we supply a ruler on one side and all the presidents on the other side and we also give them a 7×5-inch flag. The cost for these items are almost $600, so, thank you, Rural King, with free hot dog day and Black Friday.

To the wonderful people who shop there and respect and honor veterans and students, we raised just about enough to cover the cost. Again, a very special thank you goes out to every one involved.


Jim White, president,

United Veterans’ Council