Preschool proposal poses far-reaching impact

In the original projected proposal that was released to the newspaper where the specific costs were listed for using the Lincoln building (such as supplies and special equipment), there was not a specific cost for personnel salaries or all of the building modifications that would be needed to accommodate the students.

Any remodeled public school building or newly constructed building should have air conditioning throughout the building and restrooms available within each classroom, or between two classrooms for younger students such as these.

What would this projected cost be?

This is like using taxpayers’ money twice to provide the same services already being provided at the Family Learning Center.

Also, I suspect the gym equipment and the playground equipment would need modifications.

In the short term, there would seem to be no cost savings, but rather added expenses being paid by taxpayers, to re-open the Lincoln building.

Much has been written about the curriculum that would be used at the Lincoln building. There are and have been other providers of pre-school services, such as the FLC, who have done quite well with the curriculums they have been using. All this takes is close communication between the public school and the pre-school provider.

Re-employment of the FLC staff at their present seniority, and the empathy to understand the many emotions and far-reaching impact this will have on many persons’ lives, including the students, needs to be seriously considered.

This is not a savings of taxpayers’ money but a layoff of experienced, highly qualified public employees who contribute significantly to this local economy.

Robert Holzhauser, Tiffin