Good and proud

Interesting to read Mr. (Aaron) Korte’s article last week about arrogant and good. The article should have been titled “Praise to Jenny Weinandy” and left the arrogant and good out of it. It was a column for Jenny Weinandy of Mohawk, who deservedly should be recognized for what she has done for Mohawk softball. But unfortunately, when one starts reading the article, her name does not appear until the 15th paragraph. Why was that? If you are going to praise someone, give them the headline, not try to cut another person down. That’s being arrogant. I’m sure the Mohawk people were disappointed in that headline, also.

Everyone knows Mr. Korte was talking about the situation that occurred in New Riegel.

He failed to note that what helped that winning coach was probably the fact he followed a very successful coach, had a program in place as that coach’s JV coach, had groups of players who played together from the 7th grade on. All of these kids lost very few games in junior high, as freshman and JV. As varsity players, they won four straight MAL titles. They were good kids, good players. Easy to coach. This year’s team had limited varsity experience, some freshmen and came under a new system. Mr. Korte failed to note that. He just took the easy route and maybe the success of New Riegel athletics contributes to sportswriters taking things for granted and as success brings success they assume. That’s being arrogant.

I congratulate the former coach for what he did. The accolades he won, he deserved. And I hope he lands another head coaching position. When a school has a down year in a sport, it’s time to come up with a reason. And maybe this is Mr. Korte’s way of saying, finally they didn’t win the MAL this year.

We read of local schools reaching districts and regionals for the first time this year. Congrats to them and praise should be heaped on them and their coaches. That’s being good.

We at New Riegel have a long history of successful coaches. Two with more than 300 wins in boys basketball and baseball. One with more than 500 wins in girls basketball. Presently, our volleyball coach has more than 100 wins, our softball coach more than 200 wins. Good kids, good players. That’s not being arrogant, that’s being good.

How many times have New Riegel teams reached districts, reached regionals, participated in the state tournament and won two state titles in their history. Many schools would drool to have a sports record like ours. And it will continue. Maybe Mr. Korte’s article will hang in the locker room this year and give our present players and coaches that extra incentive.

I live in the New Riegel district and will continue to support them, even in down years. The future is bright in all the athletic sports. We will continue to win. That’s not being arrogant. That’s being proud.

I hope Mr. Korte is around to write about New Riegel success in the future. There will be many big wins coming. Good kids, good players and good coaches.

Bob Tiell.