Feeling abandoned

I feel like I’ve been thrown under a bus, so to speak. The last 16 months I have been sick with goofed operations and lots of infections.

I didn’t think a doctor could quit on you because you’re complicated.

Two and a half months ago, I was sent to Autumnwood, because I cannot afford to pay for my medicines at home.

Well, I had to be fed with intravenous nutrition and was not able to eat anything but clear liquids because of a botched surgery – after finding another hospital and a doctor to help me (this is No. 3 hospital and No. 3 doctor).

Since being at Autumnwood in the last two and a half months, I had to be sent out to an emergency room due to high fever.

The first time I was sent out, I ended up with a fungus infection in my blood from a PICC line I had in my left arm. I had to be treated with antibiotics, so I was sent back to Autumnwood, where their doctor takes care of you while you’re there.

This lasted about a week or so, and I started spiking another fever, so they sent me out to the hospital again and I was treated for urosepsis and a urinary tract infection.

I was then sent back to Autumnwood, and for the third time, just recently, spiked a fever and was sent out again to the hospital

Well, it was determined I got that same fungus infection back in my blood. At this time, I had a PICC line in my right arm.

So yesterday, I got a call from Autumnwood and the admissions person told me that I am no longer a patient there because the doctor thinks I’m too complicated, but then I find out that Autumnwood talked to the hospital I’m in right now and said it was because the person who was taking care of me is no longer there.

In the last 16 months, I’ve had at least three doctors quit on me because I’m, so to speak, too complicated. What the heck is all that?

Isn’t that why doctors go to medical school, to heal patients? It’s like playing hot potato, one patient is a little more complicated than the other so the doctors and nurses pass the buck.

Then when they can no longer hold on to the potato, they want to throw it under the bus, but then again everything is politics and money.

So what is our health system coming to?


Dianna Rowden,