National EMS Week

Have you ever had the need to dial 911? Did your heart race, fingers tremble and prayers go out all at the same time, while you tried to muster up the clearest description possible of the medical emergency you where facing? I write this from recent experience and with the desire to draw attention to the emergency medical services available to all of us as citizens of Seneca County.

EMS is something most people take for granted. We don’t need EMS unless we have a medical emergency; therefore, our planning is limited to educating young people about the proper time to make 911 calls and using driver etiquette when we hear sirens and see the flashing lights coming our way. But, when you do have the need, you are grateful someone is answering that call.

May 18-24 is National EMS Awareness Week, and given all the recent discussions about the future of our county EMS system and my recent EMS need, I felt obligated to reach out and ask others to remember the local EMS volunteers and paid personnel who provide services in all 15 townships, six villages and the two cities that make up Seneca County. These individuals consistently deliver high-quality medical care, with compassion and professionalism, on every call.

Speaking of the call, it could be any time of day and in any kind of weather conditions, when the dispatch tone is sounded and the first responders, EMTs and EMRs, jump into action. That tone is their call to duty. Thank you, EMS personnel, for your dedication to provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine’s “front line.”

Seneca County and your local government officials provide EMS services through volunteer squads located in Green Springs, Bettsville, Republic, Bloomville, Attica, New Riegel and Bascom. The county also staffs a paid Echo unit at the Public Safety Building in Tiffin to assist the rural-based squads. The city of Tiffin receives services through the EMS under the Tiffin Fire & Rescue, and the city of Fostoria through its fire department services.

Seneca County is a better place thanks to all the emergency services that are staffed by trained and dedicated individuals. If you ever have the need to place that 911 call, I am sure you will find comfort in that spur of the moment decision because you are aware of this commitment by these men, women and communities.

Holly M. Stacy,

Seneca County commissioner