Medical deferment

Not qualified? According to a doctor, after 12 years of service at National Machinery up until the fallout of December 2001, I’m not qualified!

To make it short and sweet, I worked in machine assembly along with some of the greatest assemblers and mechanics, not to mention great people.

After leaving National Machinery and applying for employment again in 2014, I was offered a job in machine assembly.

At my employment physical, the doctor decided because I was taking a pain medication for multiple sclerosis, I would not get a job at NMC, but he would go through the motions for the exam. (Really)!

After no response from from NMC for two weeks, I contacted them and was told they don’t get involved in medical decisions but I could call the doctor.

After talking with the doctor for his allotted 30 seconds, he told me that’s just the way it is and hung up.

So after working on some of National’s best for 12 years, I’m not qualified! Thanks, doctor. Thanks, NMC LLC.

Steven E. Thom,