Write in Reineke

My wife, Sue, and I give our hearty endorsement to Bill Reineke as a write-in candidate for the vacant seat in the Ohio legislature.

Our family has known Bill for many years and our children attended school together. We have worked with him and his family on many projects. Our daughter Anne has worked closely with Bill on many matters for the betterment of Tiffin. Bill has headed many civic organizations and always has given generously of his time and considerable talent to foster improvements in the Tiffin community.

In all the years that I have dealt with Bill Reineke, I never have had any instance to question his word or integrity.

Our legislative district would be extremely fortunate to have Bill Reineke representing it in Columbus.

We ask you to join us in voting for Bill Reineke as a write-in candidate for the Ohio Legislature.

Very truly yours,

Michael and Susanne Lange,


Write in Reineke

Many of us go to the voting polls each year, only to once again be disappointed by the self serving politician we elected. This year I honestly feel we have a chance to finally make a positive change.

I was so glad to hear that Bill Reineke was running as a write in candidate for state representative. Bill has run a successful, family-owned business in Tiffin for many years and has spent countless hours working for charitable organizations in Tiffin and Seneca County.

I have known Bill Reineke for many years and have always known him to be a man of honesty and integrity. He genuinely cares about the people of this town and the entire county.

I don’t know if Bill would want me to say this; however, he claims to be a Republican, but I know for a fact he will always be guided, first and foremost, not by party affiliation, but rather by what is best for the people he represents.

If you are my friend, I ask you, please, color in the little oval and write in Bill Reineke for state representative. If you are not my friend and don’t know me from Adam but do care about your own family and friends, then make a wise choice May 6 for state representative, color in the little oval and write in Bill Reineke. Bill Reineke is an honest choice for me

Barry Fiske,